Friday, September 9, 2011

In My Garden - Roses

My yellow rose bush has been producing the most beautiful flowers lately. I love having flowers in the house.

The image below is straight out of the camera.

When I started editing this image in Lightroom, I started trying out some of the presets. One that I felt worked great with this photo was "Colour Creative - Aged Photo". I really like the vintage effect (even though my roses were no longer yellow).

Then, in Photoshop, I added a texture called "Crackerjack" by Kim Klassen. Blend mode - divide; Opacity - 40%.


  1. What stunning roses...both yellow and then processed with a soft vintage touch.

    Thank you for stopping by The Cottage on the Garden and leaving such a thoughtful comment.

  2. wow! it is amazing how different the colors are with the vintage effect. i really like the pink color and it makes the water droplets look so delicate. now you have two different photos of those beautiful roses : )


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