Thursday, November 17, 2011

Texture Tuesday - the Phoebe eDition

I'm running a bit late this week, which is why I'm joining Texture Tuesday on Thursday.

Meet Jen.

Jen has been part of our family for 15 years. You can read a bit more about her here.

Jen is very camera shy, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to capture this shot during the week.

I used Kim's Phoebe texture above the background - Hard Light (23%).



  1. this is such an engaging capture; lovely result Nikki.

  2. beautiful macro composition, too; great texture processing - color is gorgeous. thanks, kareninkenai {from TT}

  3. Lovely close up with great detail. She has very soulful eyes - if it's okay to say that about a dog:)

  4. Better late than never! Gorgeous photo. Dogs have such sweet, soulful eyes.
    Love the close.

  5. A beautiful photo. I love how you cropped it. Bet she has so many stories to tell. Sweet Jen!


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