Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Weeds Part 2 - Texture Tuesday

                                          Sharing with Texture Tuesday

It seems the only subjects of my photos lately are weeds.

Hopefully, after all the recent rain, some flowers will come back to my garden.

Texture: Minus 43 by Kim Klassen, Soft Light at 80% opacity.

For other photos of weeds, check out my previous posts here.


  1. hi Nikki! My gosh! You can make a week look more than beautiful.

    Beads and their ability to express a style is so fun. Thanks for your fun comments. I love to hear from you. (hug)

    1. Hi Renae, you always make me smile. I'm loving your blog.

  2. Even weeds looks gorgeous:) If you have only weed I have only snow here (little bored to that:)

  3. If my weeds were that pretty I wouldn't mind a garden full of them.

  4. Beautifully done Nikki, great use of negative space too. After all the rain and our warm days I expect nearly everything will grow rapidly.

    Thank you for you wonderful support and concern during our times is close flood encounters. Our river is looking much tamer now.

  5. Such a charming weed blossom, Nikki!
    I desperately wait that winter draws to an end and springtime flowers (and weed blossoms) start flourishing again!

    Regards from Germany,

  6. Nikki! hi there! Yes, don't we just love hand-me-ups or downs? Free clothing items! Yay!!!!!


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