Monday, February 25, 2013

Portrait - Before and After

It's lovely to do some portraits for a change.

I have been wanting to take some pictures in the late afternoon with some backlighting, but lately the weather hasn't been very co-operative.

Whilst playing in the backyard a couple of days ago, I saw the perfect patch of light appear through the trees in the front yard. There wasn't much time as the sun was setting quickly and we also had to contend with a few clouds. But we managed to get the shot that I wanted.

Below is the image straight out of the camera.

I love this image of my Son, but I felt it needed to be a bit warmer.

And here is the image after editing.

Canon 7D, Canon EF 50mm 1.4, 1/125sec, f2.8, ISO 200

Here are the steps I followed:

1. Spot Healing Brush Tool -  to remove some minor blemishes.

2. Colour Balance Adjustment  Layer -  to add warmth to the image.

3. Dodge/Burn Tools -  to lighten and darken areas on the face.

4. Crop Tool.


  1. Your edit has turned a nice photo into something very special. Beautifully done Nikki. Your son has wonderful eyes.
    Stay safe with all the rain - we saw a little sunshine today.

  2. You're right - the warming certainly made him come alive. What stunning eyes your son has! Thank you also for sharing your steps for this processing. I take it that this is in photoshop? I haven't really found my way around that program - still trying to work Lightroom!
    Still incredibly wet down this way and looks like it's set to stay that way for awhile. Ah well, good to practice raindrop macros :-) take care

  3. the processing is fantastic and I love his tousled hair and blue eyes!

  4. Nice work on your son's photo. Thanks for the pinterest logo thingy link up. Nice of you. Many have also stated that they love the 3rd sweater. It is rather common but the bigger print isn't. so cool, huh?

  5. Oh Nikki, you are so nice to come to see me when you haven't updated for a while. Thank you. Hope all is working out for you. Take care. Hoping to see new photos real soon.


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