Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This weeks Texture Tuesday theme is "Wise Words".

I thought about adding a quote, but decided to keep it simple.

Sometimes one word is enough.

The Swamp Bloodwood trees are flowering beautifully at the moment.

This photo was taken just before the flowers began to open.

Texture: KK Take Heart by Kim Klassen, soft light at 83% opacity. Font: Papyrus.

More Swamp Bloodwood images can be seen here.


  1. Such a gorgeous colour! We have some stunning natives don't we. I love that you have caught it before it fully opens, like it's crouching ready to spring open.

  2. Awh Nikki, you say the NICEST things. I have now, I am not kidding, made a Board on my Pinterest called: 'Butterfly Rose by Nikki'

    I had all of your photos under a Board called 'photo motos' but all of your photographs were the only ones in it. So now you get your very own Board on my Pinterest site. hahahaha, happy face, Yay You!!!

  3. These flowers are incredible. I love the font and the simplicity of the single word.

  4. nikki this is a beautiful image and I like the simplicity of the one word. great job!

  5. Oh Nikki! You made my day with your saying I am "amazing". I sure don't get that everyday! I have been wanting to make that change on my Pinterest for a long time and finally did it yesterday. Glad you liked it!

  6. Hi Nikki, hope you are doing fine and enjoying the cooler weather too.

  7. NIKKI! I wondered where you were lately. Glad to know you were busy and not ill. Blogging is weird like that. We just hope everything is ok when we don't see an updated post, huh? Glad you are BACK!!!


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