Monday, April 15, 2013

A Touch Of Yellow

Isn't it great when something unexpected (in a good way) happens with your photography?

The prompt for CY365 was 'A Touch Of Yellow'.   I went out into the garden and couldn't find any yellow flowers.   Then I couldn't help but notice the ever growing weeds in the back garden, and saw the yellow centres of the Cobbler's Peg flowers.   Perfect for the prompt I thought.

Then just as I started to press the shutter, this little bee flew into the frame.  Now this was perfect.


  1. Oh so lovely, Nikki. I am so glad to see more new photos of yours. I will be pinning it to my board that is just yours alone, remember. (hug)

  2. Nikki! hello! Hope this day has been great for you. I appreciate your attention to my posts and I love to see your photos. Pretty great trade off, huh?


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