Saturday, April 20, 2013

Marigold - but not as we know it

The theme for today's CY365 is 'White'.

My intention for this prompt was to go into the garden and photograph a white flower, but there were none around today.

So I photographed a bright orange Marigold from my vegetable garden and with the help of Photoshop, created a white flower.

I love Photoshop!


  1. It looks fantastic in b&w! It really shows off all the beautiful shapes!

  2. What has happened to you my dear talented photographer from Australia? I miss you.

    1. Hi Renae, I've been out of action for a few weeks. I've aggravated an old injury and have found it difficult to lift my camera or even sit at my desk, so the blog has been on hold for a little while. Hopefully I will get back on track soon. Miss you too. Nikki xx

  3. Oh, okay. Injuries are a good reason that is not a good reason. Kind of like an oxy-moron; two things that don't go together such as Jumbo Shrimp or Army Intelligence, etc.. Hope to see you soon and GET WELL SOON, too.


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